Colorado Made Sudz



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Mar 4th - Mar 18th

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Creating your Sudz is made easy, you get what you ​ want without the unwanted harsh chemicals or artificial dyes.
Colorado Made Sudz is passionate about creating Sudz that truly do your skin justice, being comfortable with knowing what is in your Sudz. So many times "trying" to read the ingredients and unsuccessfully being able to pronounce the words. Then reading articles about how they are finding so many of the "products" being sold today really are harmful to you. Being healthy and aware of what you put in or on your body is vital to a long and loving life. Love your body !

Using organic ingredients & essential oils we bring
your skin back to life. Leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for any occasion.Don't settle for what the store has to offer, creating your own soap and adding your favorite essential oil can make all the difference in your day.
Honey, raw honey,